Roux is a graphic artist, body painter and entrepreneur based in Jamaica. Join us as we learn about Roux's journey from a science student to an artist, what inspired her to make the change, all the obstacles she had to overcome and how it led her to manifest cool opportunities like "Imprint Jamaica". This episode is all about biting the bullet to put yourself out there and the lessons that came with doing that in a conservative country like Jamaica.


Key Takeaways to Tune In For

01:21 How Roux and Dom met

03:05 Who is Roux? (Intro)

04:08 Self-expression in Jamaica and putting yourself out there

8:52 Roux’s journey as an artist

13:51 What drove Roux to art?

18:01 What is Imprint and how was it originated?

22:45 What is Roux Art House and where did the name Roux come from?


Resources From This Episode

To learn more about Imprint Jamaica, check out this article. 

Follow Roux and Imprint Jamaica on Instagram



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